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by Caitlin Bronson Federal investigators have identified significant security weaknesses in the online marketplaces of three states that could allow hackers to access sensitive personal information of customers. Health insurance consumers in certain states may have reason to be worried. A new federal investigation has revealed significant cybersecurity weaknesses with the health exchange ... Read More
April 11, 2016blue
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By Lyle Adriano During a hearing in San Francisco last week, California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones admitted that he still has reservations about Anthem’s proposed $54.2 billion purchase of Cigna. “I am considering what is best for consumers and the overall marketplace,” the commissioner said in a statement. “Anthem and Cigna ... Read More
April 7, 2016blue
The grill of a Cadillac is seen inside the showroom of the General Motors Corp.’s Harlem Auto Mall in New York
By Nora Kelly The term “Cadillac tax” is evocative: It suggests that the health-insurance plans it would tax—through a provision in the Affordable Care Act—are to regular health insurance as a Cadillac is to a Kia. President Obama once described the levy as targeting “really fancy [health insurance] plans that end ... Read More
April 5, 2016blue
by Caitlin Bronson Employers with a high volume of hourly workers should brace for an increase in workers’ compensation costs as California raises the statewide minimum wage to $15. The deal was struck between California lawmakers working in tandem with labor unions. According to terms of the legislation, the wage will increase ... Read More
April 1, 2016blue